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Mekong Delta Tours & Day Trips from Ho Chi Minh City

Mekong Delta can be seen as the “rice bowl” of Vietnam, it looks like a green carpet. In this area, everything is like a water world moving to the rhythms of the mighty Mekong. Also, in Mekong Delta where boats, houses, and markets float upon the innumerable streams, canals, and rivers that crisscross the landscape like the normal.

Together with the bustling commerce of the area, it remains the slow pace of life in the countryside where is rewarded with a true taste of rural hospitality. Elsewhere, there have many mangroves of forests with a variety of bird, the remains of Viet Cong bunkers, ornate Khmer pagodas and Buddhist temples, while the off-coast islands offer seductive white sand beaches.

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The Mekong Delta, the biggest rice basket in Vietnam, is amongst the best destinations in South Vietnam. The surrounding lands comprise low-lying rice paddies, with dense mangroves and palms bordering the rivers. The tributaries of the mighty Mekong Delta provide a comprehensive network of canals and channels making the rivers the best way to explore the region at a leisurely pace while offering the opportunity to experience the truly unique lifestyle of this great river. The best one-day Mekong Delta Tour in My Tho will give you the most commonly fun facts in the area.

Mekong Delta Tours

Mekong Ecolodge – 2 Days

Interested in exploring the Mekong through the eyes of locals? Mekong Ecolodge is the top choice for you. Beginning at Ho Chi Minh city and lasting for 2 days, the tour gives the best traveling experiences by exploring rustic Mekong waterways as well as the daily life of locals. Be an overnight guest in a native’s home, immerse in the lush green of the vegetation, take a boat trip to experience the bustle of the floating market and traditional workshops through a local lens. The tour promises to bring tourists the most wonderful insight perspective of the Mekong Delta.

The Mekong Delta referred to as the rice basket of Vietnam is also the southernmost region of this S-shaped country. The fertile Mekong Delta is also famous for its tropical fruits and flowers. The Delta area marks the end of a 4,500km journey made by the Mekong River after having traveled through six countries. Traditional transportation in the Delta is by boat along with a vast network of canals and channels. The Vinh Long Mekong Delta tour in 1 day will boat you along these canals and the floating markets always proved to be a fascinating and rewarding experience for all visitors.

One of the best Vietnam experiences is to have a Mekong Delta tour in the South, which is famous for the lovely beauty of nature and diversity in Vietnamese cuisine with floating markets as a typical highlight. Cycle deep into the heart of southern Vietnam where you explore the Mekong Delta on two wheels. 5-Day and 4-night travel on the bike will get you a unique perspective on this spectacular region with firsthand the daily lives of the region's inhabitants. This fertile area is where the mighty Mekong River approaches the sea and splits into a network of hundreds of estuaries.

Mekong Delta tour 1 day gives you the local experience of Cai Be floating market on the Mekong River which is famous for crooked canals in the shadows of palm trees and coconut trees. Enjoy peaceful moments when paddling down the stream and admire the stunning landscapes of Mekong River will be an unforgettable memory in your Mekong Delta floating market 1-day tour.

Step out of the bustling city of Saigon and embark into the river wonderland of Mekong Delta. Enjoy the peaceful time in the countryside life of Vietnam with a local, try on many works of the locals, which all roll into a truly hidden gem! We promise it’s worth to try!

This 7-day tour from Saigon to the mesmerizing floating life on the floating market in Mekong Delta and the nature in Nam Cat Tien must be the highlight of this tour in South Vietnam. Nam Cat Tien is the unique location bringing the existence of 5 different forest types within the park, the various range of plants and animals. There stand many endemic species of plans as well as animals. The park is a refuge for species that used to be widespread but now seek shelter within the specially protected area. Take a visit to Nam Cat Tien National Park, where you can explore the nature and the culture and traditional work of hill tribe people here.

6-day south Vietnam tour from Saigon brings you a memorable holiday with many amazing activities in different attractions. Take a visit from Reunification Palace and Notre Dame Cathedral, the two colonial structures from the Vietnam War to Cao Dai Temple with its ornate tiles and pillars, and religious murals. Continue your journey to the Cu Chi Tunnels to see its unique design as well as its roles in the past. Explore Mekong Delta with My Tho wholesale fruit market Cai Rang Floating Market. Immerse yourself in these to experience the best of the Southern Region of Vietnam!

This six-day tour in Mekong Delta will be a marvelous blend of the Mekong Word from the dynamic Ho Chi Minh City to the “rice basket” of Mekong Delta consisting of Vinh Long, Can Tho, Chau Doc,.. Take a visit from Cu Chi Tunnels, reflecting the sacrifices and hardships of the Vietnamese during the French and American Wars to Can Tho, Chau Doc with exciting floating markets, floating fish breeding farms. Immersed yourself in these local communities and experience the best of the culture as a local.

The floating world we bring to you will take you to discover deeper into the beautiful nature of the national park, and the rural surprising landscapes. Let make acquaintance with the local life by getting up early in the morning and join in the busiest time of the largest Cai Rang Floating market, see how the locals run their business on the river. Indispensably, scrumptious local foods can make us fall in love with this area at once! Let’s experience the area your ways via vibrant Mekong Delta Tour from Ho Chi Minh City!

Spending 48 hours to experience the rural life floating on the Mekong Delta boat trip and join in the journey along the small and larger waterways to get closer to the lifestyle of the locals is definitely worth to try at least one time. Fortunately, travel with the assistance of Saigon Local Tour is much easier than ever, so don’t hesitate, contact us now!

The breath of this Mekong Tour will take you to an authentic Mekong Delta, which is seen as the most amazing experience that you have never seen before. Moreover, when picking this Mekong Delta tour to Chau Doc, you will have a great time to enjoy the atmosphere in the rural area, with a cycling trip goes straight the paddy fields, then visit dragon fruit farm and see how the local plants it. It’s definitely a big surprise for you to go along the Mekong river, a lot of floating fish farms will mesmerize your view. Experience this day trip from Saigon now!

Undergo Mekong Delta to Phu Quoc tour within 5 days is a unique tour to explore the bee farm, visit tropical fruits garden, try the tasteful cup of authentic honey tea, and visit some traditional handicraft villages here. Moreover, your wanderlust will be satisfied with an opportunity to see Cai Rang, one of the largest floating markets in the Mekong river. The day trip from Ho Chi Minh City takes you to visit a lot of beautiful landscapes in Phu Quoc such as a pearl farm, Dinh Cau Temple, Duong Dong Town, Su Muon Pagoda, Tranh Stream, the traditional fish sauce processing factory, and so many interesting activities. Don’t hesitate to contact us for this fabulous Mekong Delta Tour!

Our Mekong Ecolodge Tour 2 Days will be an ideal option for those who wish to have real experience on the landscape, people and culture of the Mekong Delta. This day trip from Ho Chi Minh City leads you to embark on the boat to visit the colorful Cai Be floating market, meet and talk to the local sellers right on boats. Also, you will have a chance to stop at the abundant orchards, observe them do the gardening and enjoy the fresh fruits. Additionally, you will pay a visit to the local's traditional handicraft villages, the religious building and the ancient house in Cai Be. Join us to have a unique and rustic experience in Mekong Delta.

You’ve already heard about the famous “Mekong Delta”? Get to know it on this 3-day tour in which you will explore its waters, colorful markets, typical riverside villages and the traditional lifestyle of local people. You also experience local handicraft production, colorful brick kilns, opulent orchards by visiting some local factories. Taking an excursion with a small rowing sampan or a short bike trip to discover the small canals of the mighty Mekong River is a must-try in Mekong Delta.

Experience Mekong Delta including Cai Be Floating Market in the one-day tour, you will see one of the most interesting, exotic events in Indochina. From the atmosphere of a lively floating market to the peaceful moments when paddling down the Mekong river, to authentic experiences like a local in small villages, lots of fascinating things are waiting for you to explore the tour in Mekong Delta with Cai Be floating market one-day tour.

Things to Do & See | Essential Guides in Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta, known as the Western Region or “Mien Tay” – the endearing name Vietnamese people often call the magical land – is the most unique tourist attraction in the South of Vietnam. This region is comprised of 13 provinces, each comes with the own immense beauty and cultural charms. It is famous for its unique landscapes thanks to the tropical climate, its seemingly endless rice paddies (“The Rice Bowl of Vietnam”) as well as it's resident’s warm-hearted hospitality. Below are top things to do & see in your Mekong Delta tours from Ho Chi Minh City.

Things to Do & See in Mekong Delta

Experience Boat Cruise Through Small Canals

Exploring the beauty and uniqueness of Mekong Delta by a boat cruise through zigzag canals under the shadow of water coconut trees is considered as an unprecedented experience. A special thing of Mekong River is that it consists of a complicated system of channels. It is really a wonderful time for you to feast your eyes on beautiful sights of green/yellow rice paddies, orchards laden with fruits, coconut trees as well as local houses. In addition, you can also see the coconut candy factory and brick factory along the river.

Visit Floating Markets & Witness Slow Pace of Life

Visiting floating markets will bring tourists a simple but fascinating experience in Things to Do & See in Mekong Delta. Floating markets make the Mekong Delta where you can see daily activities and the culture of inhabitants become outstanding from its neighborhood areas. A large number of products such as dried food, tropical fruits, lively animals and other commodities are exchanged on hundreds of boats and canals. People will paddle the way through the river and walk on planks between two boats in order to exchange well. Besides, the floating markets also offer some traditional dishes like Hu Tieu (Vietnamese clear rice noodle soup), Bun Ca (rice noodle soup with fish), Xoi (steamed sticky rice)… and several coffee shops to serve you when you want to enjoy coffee, fruit juice or tea. The list below is the top five floating markets in Mekong Delta:
• Cai Rang floating market – Can Tho province
• Cai Be floating market – Tien Giang province
• Nga Bay floating market – Hau Giang province
• Phong Dien floating market – Can Tho province
• Nga Nam floating market – Soc Trang province These markets start early (3:00 am) in the morning and are at its liveliest at around 5:00 am – 6:00 am. Floating markets to us are tourist attractions and to the inhabitants, they are the way of life. You will experience the slow pace of life, observe how residents eat, drink, sleep, live and do their business on boats in the Mekong Delta and take a closer glance at the rural area of Vietnam. Be sure that you will wake up early enough to experience this amazing life!

Visit & Taste Fresh Fruits

The Mekong Delta is famous not only for rice paddies but also for tropical orchards thanks to the fertilized land. While there are many farmers working on rice paddy fields, a variety of farmers choosing to grow fruits. Tourists can often run into a large number of tropical fruit trees in the local gardens such as plum, durian, banana, dragon fruit, rambutan, apple, grape, mango… This is the reason why Mekong Delta provides about 70% of the fruit consumed throughout Vietnam; moreover, some are exported to other countries. Taste Fresh Fruits in Mekong Floating Market These are some large fruit gardens that you can pay a visit and pick fresh fruits off the trees and enjoy them:
• Cai Be Orchard (Tien Giang) – The largest
• Cai Mon Fruit Garden (Ben Tre)
• Phong Dien and My Khanh Orchards (Can Tho)
• Cu Lao Binh An Garden (Vinh Long)
• Vinh Kim (Tien Giang)

Enjoy Mekong Delta Specialties

The unique cuisine is another highlight of the Western region. Here are several special dishes in the Mekong Delta that you should try.
Duong Dua – Coconut Worm
Due to a large number of coconut trees grown in the region, Mekong Delta is an ideal place to enjoy coconut worms. Beetle larvae pierce holes and lay eggs inside coconut trees, and these eggs become coconut worms - Duong Dua. They are yellow larvae with brown heads. This dish is quite weird, many tourists seem to be scared and are not willing to try it. Eating the grilled coconut larvae is recommended to enjoy this special dish. However, if you are interested in something more challenging, eat them while they are still alive! Raw coconut worms will be dipped in but still, be moving in a bowl of fish sauce. This will surely be a little scary!
Lau Mam – Fermented Hotpot
Lau Mam is a specialty that is very popular in the Western region of Vietnam. “Mam” (fermented fish) is used to flavor the consommé together with many other ingredients such as beef, shrimp, fresh vegetables, lemongrass… This kind of hot pot owns its unique smell. You can enjoy this dish at any restaurants in the Mekong Delta.
Banh Canh Ca Loc – Snakehead Fish Thick-noodle Soup
This kind of soup includes a thick-version of noodles made from rice flour and cooked with snakehead fish meat. It consists of the typical flavors of the region. You can easily find this specialty everywhere in the area. Locals often eat it as a favorite meal. Banh Canh Ca Loc in Mekong Delta
Hu Tieu My Tho – My Tho Noodle Soup
Originated from My Tho, Hu Tieu My Tho is a well-known noodle soup in the South of Vietnam. The broth in this soup is made from boiling pork bones. A Hu Tieu bowl is a mixture of red shrimp, meatballs, green celery, pepper. Especially, the minced garlic is a very important spice which creates the unique fragrance of this dish.
Banh Pia – Durian Cake
Banh Pia is a famous cake and can be brought back as a gift from Mekong Delta. Durian Cake is the perfect combination of green beans, durian, and salted eggs to create a typical flavor. Banh Pia is produced in many provinces in the Western region but Banh Pia Soc Trang is still the most famous and delicious.

Bird Watching at Tram Chim National Park

Tram Chim National Park, located in Dong Thap province, is known as “The Kingdom of Birds” in Vietnam. Covering the total area of more than 7,000 hectares, Tram Chim National Park is home to about 200 types of birds consisting of lots of precious and rare birds. Almost 60 percent of red-headed cranes – one of the most threatened cranes in the world – live in Tram Chim National Park. When you want to go bird watching, you have to take a boat tour. Each boat tour costs 800,000 VND for a group of 12 tourists and lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour or more.

Listen to Southern Folk Song – “Đon Ca Tai Tu”

“Don Ca Tai Tu” is one of the traditional kinds of musical art. After a long day full of activities, listening to Don Ca Tai Tu is a good way for you to relax. It reflects the lifestyle of people who live and earn their living along the Mekong Delta as well as help them express their emotions, encourages them to overcome all life difficulties.

Essential Tips for the Wonderful Mekong Delta Tours

When to Visit Mekong Delta

Thanks to the tropical climate, the Southwest region of Vietnam owns its variety of natural landscapes. You can pay a visit to Mekong Delta at almost any time throughout the year. If you want to enjoy the freshest fruits, you should visit the summertime (April to November). The rainfall at this time is quite high; however, it will not affect your trip badly. Floating Markets in Mekong Delta Spring (December to March) is considered as the best time to travel to Mekong Delta. A variety of colorful flowers cover all the corners of this region at this time. It is really convenient for travelers to get more understanding about the local life and learn more about traditional cultures. Especially, you will have the chance to experience the Tet holiday and many other holidays.

How to get Mekong Delta

By plane Mekong Delta has an airport in Can Tho City. It just takes about 45 minutes enjoying the view at the height of about 10,000 meters from land. Two airlines from Ho Chi Minh City to Can Tho are VASCO and Vietjet Air, the price is 600,000 VND/ticket. By Motorbike If you love adventuring experience, you should ride the motorbike to enjoy the exciting feelings. You need to prepare many essential things such as map, money, first aid kit… when choosing motorbike to get to Mekong Delta. By motorbike, you will be able to explore and discover every corner of the Western region.

Where to Stay at Mekong Delta

You can rent a homestay, live together with the locals to learn more about their lifestyle. The owners of homestays are mostly friendly and warm-hearted farmers. Also, hotels are always available, so tourists can book easily. These are some popular homestays as well as hotels you can choose to stay:
• Happy Farm Tien Giang Homestay (My Tho) –US$26/night
• Minh Viet Homestay ( Can Tho) – US$24/night
• Charming Countryside Homestay (Ben Tre) – US$25/night
• Phu Quoc Valley Sen Bungalow (Kien Giang) – US$24/night
• KQ Hotel (Can Tho) – US$30/night
• Sao Mai Hotel (Cai Be) – US$16/night
• Cottage Village (Kien Giang) – US$32/night