Cai Thia Local market & Ut Trinh Home-stay – 3 Days

Tour Route: Ho Chi Minh – 3 Day Mekong Delta Tour Cai Thia – Ut Trinh Homestay – Vuong Quoc Do – Phuoc Hau – Ut Trinh Homestay – Cai Be – Ho Chi Minh

Tour Highlights

  • Immerse in Cai Thia village, explore the market, church, and communal house.
  • Learn rice paper making, taste homemade cakes with tea.
  • Cycle through Hoa Loc mango village, enjoy orchards and traditional houses.
  • Experience Ut Trinh Homestay’s hospitality, cook and savor local dishes.
  • Discover the Mekong Delta’s beauty by boat, visit brick kilns, Vinh Long Market, and try mud fishing and pottery making.