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Saigon Local Tour is a branch of Viet Vision Travel & Trading JSC. Established in 2006 by dedicated experts and travel enthusiasts, the company has become one of the most leading tour operators with years of experience to offer travelers all over the world amazing holidays and journeys to Asia destinations.

saigon local tour is a brand of Viet Vision Travel

The Establishment of Saigon Local Tour

The remarkable development and extension of Viet Vision Travel urged us to place more representative offices in order to lengthen our hand to destinations we have operated in. The idea of delivering local tours at Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Mekong Delta, and Southern Vietnam came up immediately when our next office was constructed in Saigon. Soon, a team of locals who have a great passion for travel as well as a deep love for their hometown was formed while the official website was created to bring fascinating vacations and priceless memories in Ho Chi Minh City as well as Southern Vietnam.

Hanoi Local Tour - About us

 Ms. Hana Nguyen (CEO) – Mr. Henry Le (Chairman of the Board)

Throughout 18 years of Viet Vision Travel and Saigon Local Tour, we always focus on delivering true values to our clients. We understand our customers expect the best in each moment during their trips so we seriously challenge ourselves with the goal to bring experiences beyond the expectations of our customers, each and every time when they travel to the countries we operate in. Saigon Local Tour does not limit our development and success in the region.

Vision – Mission – Core Values 2024

Saigon Local Tours Team


Our vision is to create a chain of value-added supply, establishing strong Vietnamese brands that affirm the vision of a prosperous future for the community.


Build an ideal working environment with a staff of positive attitudes, where each individual can develop their full potential and strengths in their work. Be dedicated and always ready to meet the most difficult and detailed requests from customers, bringing them joy and satisfaction. Support the community by creating jobs for locals and helping them sell their products to tourists. Bring the real wealth to Shareholders, the Board of Directors, and Employees who have made great and dedicated contributions to the company

Vision - Mission - Core Values - Saigon Local Tour
Vision - Mission - Core Values - Saigon Local Tour

Core Values

Good Standard: Viet Vision Travel promotes a standard of services for customers, the community, and our employees.
Honest: Honesty is given top priority in our daily work. We are honest with ourselves, our customers, and our suppliers.
Active: Proactivity brings the highest value to each group of our customers through thoughtful preparation before, during, and after their trips.
Learning: Viet Vision Travel spends 10% of our time and funding coaching our staff through skills and capacity training courses outside the business.
Teamwork: The community of Viet Vision Travel has the criteria of cohesion inside and outside of work, together making tourism a companion in developing customers’ businesses.
Understanding: Viet Vision Travel understands our customers’ needs for rest, relaxation, and care during their trips, thereby designing and providing customers with the most optimal solutions.

Our Value

Saigon Local Tour carries out the mission to bring authenticity and uniqueness to our beloved clients. We love to share our value to every discerning traveler all around the world.

What Can We Do For You

We understand what you really need in your holiday packages in Vietnam, from spending time to relax or reconnect with family and friends to delve completely into the new places. We change every day to find the best version of ours beyond customers’ expectations. Saigon Local Tour team always works with all the heart to provide you the unforgettable experiences!

Guaranteed Security & Service Quality

We are committed to doing better than what is stated in the contract between the customer and us. We are a reliable & important partner of the big banking system in Vietnam, so your personal information & financial information will be highly confidential. Each service is verified before your stay. Our English-speaking local guides ensure you a permanent follow-up. We always put our customers and their satisfaction at the heart of our strategy at Saigon Local Tour.

Unforgettable Travel Experiences

Whether you are leaving for the first time in Hanoi with the thirst for discovery and the desire to see the must-visited places or you want to think outside the box because you are a connoisseur of the destination, our specialists will listen to your demands and bring to your emotion’s journey an authentic encounters and exclusive discoveries.

Worth-Money Services

At Saigon Local Tour, enjoy the wonderful holiday to Vietnam for value. Many visitors have become more conservative in their travel budget since the economy is a concern. But wise travelers will be aware of quality tours are not necessarily expensive. Spend time wisely and shop for value now. In case, you cannot find exactly the tour you want, don’t worry, just let us know your schedule, specific needs, and your concerns. We’ll design a personalized tour for you, of course under an affordable price!

Our Strong Commitments to Your Saigon Vietnam Tours

All the hard work we did, we get you close up to the authentic Saigon, Vietnam with full of ecstatic experiences. We specialize in tour in any sizes and styles just for you.