Landmark 81 – The Pride of Vietnam

Landmark 81 Highest Building in Vietnam

One of the burning desires of humanity is breaking their limits, creating the new records, just simply to break their limitation again & again. Many buildings built and broke the height of the formers, so we have a lot of skyscrapers in the world, and our Vietnam has pride when Vincom Landmark 81 becomes the tallest buildings in Southeast Asia. Better still, the building has been ranked 12th in the top 20 tallest building in the worlds.

Landmark 81 Spots for Event
With a height of 461 m, the Landmark 81 will become the symbol of the peak and mark the future prosperity of Vietnam. Inspired by Vietnam’s bamboos, from the traditional bundle of bamboos, Landmark 81 Building was the first time listed in the top 10 of the world’s tallest buildings of Vietnam, up to now.

Structure of Landmark 81 Building

The building comprises 81 floors and 3 basements, has the scale of a city inside the heart of the city convening full of superior functional areas.
Moreover, the tallest building in Vietnam, Landmark 81 also surpassed the height of 451.9m of Petronas Twin Towers (in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and Willis Tower (Chicago in the US) to become the 8th tallest tower in the world with a height of 461m. It can be said that Vinhomes Central Park Landmark 81 has helped Vietnam to move forward when it reached the height of the same high-rise buildings like Burj Khalifa (Dubai), Shanghai Tower (Shanghai), Makkah Clock Royal Tower Hotel (Mecca) …

Landmark 81 Saigon Vietnam

Like Vinhomes Golden River Ba Son, all exterior of Landmark 81 building is equipped with high-end Low E Glass.
As an architectural work not only of record height but also a symbol, Landmark 81 is now a proud and symbol for the prosperity and modern of dynamic Saigon in particular and Vietnam in general.

Landmark 81 – “Green Tower” inside Vietnam

The very special and impressive feature in Vinhomes Central Park Landmark 81 is that although it is a modern high-rise building, it is extremely friendly and bring absolute comfort to users.
All of the exterior glass used for Landmark 81 is Low-E glass which is an architectural accent with outstanding features such as light transmission, ultraviolet light and UV radiation prevention making the rooms here fill with light but still cool with a stable temperature.
There is also a European-standard clean water system for the first time in Vietnam delivered to each apartment, providing an environmentally friendly living space.

The Highest and Luxurious Observation Tower in Vietnam

Once completed, Landmark 81 is the ideal choice for high altitude enthusiasts. From 79th floor to 81st floor, the Landmark 81 Observatory is the best place to have a 360-degree-panoramic view of the city from above. Especially, visitors can see close-ups of the city’s famous destinations through the telescope along with the most advanced touch screen system, providing the most exciting and unique experience.

The Best View Infinity Pool

It cannot mention the 1,000-square-meter pool system including an infinity pool with beautiful views of the Saigon River, along with a covered swimming pool and modern jacuzzi pool.

Best View Infinity Pool in Landmark 81
Swimming pool system of Landmark 81 is specially designed to create a lake-effect image that extends to the horizon, infinity, bringing out great relaxing moments when the view is liberated.

The Most Fashionable Shopping Paradise

Not only bring a record of altitude, environmental friendliness, attractive utility, Landmark 81 also gives its residents as well as tourists a fashionable shopping paradise.

Place to see & enjoy in landmark 81
In the center of the Landmark 81 is – Vincom Landmark Trade Center 81 – shopping paradise and convergence of the most prestigious international fashion brands displayed in the most luxurious space.
The world’s top luxury brands at Vincom Landmark 81 will make this place equal to the luxury shopping paradise of the world.

Upper-level Club

Opportunity to experience the top-class life at the highest level in Vietnam with the presence of Club House – Upper-level Club is reserved only for residents and a small number of VIP is the prominent feature only available at Landmark 81.

Upper-level Club in Landmark 81
With unique design at Wine Lounge and Cigar Lounge in the Sky Bar region, Club House’s members will feel relaxing, enjoy the finest wines and the finest cigars. Unique and luxury, this place is truly a destination that brings the pride and class of every Landmark’s member.
Unique features of The Landmark 81 will give your family a full and classy living as if you were in a 5-star resort in the heart of the bustling city.